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Spirited ReCreations

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Spirited ReCreations

I feature unique one of a kind buckle jewelry. Western and Vintage.

An example of what I can do for you.

vintage belt buckle

Custom Jewelry from a Vintage Nocona belt

I took this vintage Nocona belt and I removed the buckle, slide and tip.

For this project I decided to use just the buckle and the tip to make into two separate necklaces. I was also able to use the leather on the belt to make several cuff bracelets and the slide for a unique napkin ring.

western Jewelry

A beautiful belt tip necklace

I took some soft blue leather that I had and I glued it into the belt tip. I then added a beautiful silver rolo chain that I re-purposed from a vintage Brighton chain belt. All together it made a unique and beautiful necklace.

western jewelry

A one of a kind western buckle necklace

I then had to decide what to hang in this beautiful buckle. I had this unique concho that I took off of another vintage Nocona belt. It was the perfect fit for this project so I converted it into a pendant and hung it in the buckle.  I then added a silver wheat chain that I re-purposed  from a vintage Brighton chain belt to finish this unique one of a kind necklace.  This is just one example of what I can do for you with a belt buckle.  Check out the Gallery for examples of other projects that I have done. Contact me so I can help you with your special custom jewelry.